The Matrix Model Audio CD Set
The Matrix Model Audio CD Set

The Matrix Model Audio CD Set


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The Matrix Model: The 7 Matrices of Neuro-Semantics (2002).
You were born into a matrix.


You were born into a matrix of frames, of mental-and-emotional frames that created your first ‘sense of reality,’ that enabled you to define reality as you do, and that enabled you to interpret things so that you could get along in your family culture. This matrix of belief and value frames, of understanding and decision frames, of expectation and cultural frames is made up of all the ideas and concepts that many others before you had mapped and which they bequeathed to you. 

You soaked them in as you were loved and nursed, as you learned to talk and to think. You absorbed them in the rituals of eating and going to bed, and of playing and going to school. The Matrix was all around you … and inside you. 

In a similar way, we live in a Matrix of our own making, one constructed day by day through the signals we send to our brain/nervous system. Our Matrix begins with the signal information given to us by those around who nurtured us. The ideas they gave us became our belief frames, value frames, and understanding frames. And from those ideas, along with the ones we created, we constructed the Matrix world that we live in. There are seven essential matrices of frames that we meta-state into being and that we ‘never leave home without.’  These are Meaning, Self, Power, Time, Other, World, and Intentionality.

Yet the first and most important is the Meaning matrix.

The Meaning matrix arises from our self-reflexivity that we know as the meta-stating process. It is by this process that we create all of the higher levels of the mind, the layers of thoughts-and-feelings upon thoughts-and-feelings and that creates our meta-levels of frames within frames within frames. We call these beliefs, values and the other terms. These are the ‘logical levels’ or layers of our mind as we engage in the uniquely human function of meta-cognition. This includes the sets of feedback loops and feed forward loops which makes the Matrix non-linear and reflexive.

We have also identified within each matrix all of the meta-programs, meta-model distinctions, and NLP/ Neuro-Semantic patterns. As such this gives us a way to use The Matrix Model as a diagnostic tool and as a template for high quality information gathering. We have used a bare bones model of the 7 Matrices to detail the systemic nature of the structure of ‘stuttering’ (or blocking, blocking non-fluency). You can find that on the neurosemantic website. We have also run twelve other experiences through this model (thinking and feeling like a victim, empowerment, phobia, phobia resolution, etc.).

We now have The Matrix Model in book form (Sept. 2002) and within the new Training Manual, Neuro-Semantics Coaching. It will be presented in the Trainings on Coaching, Therapy, and Modeling if you would like to experience training with this new model.

This is the most exciting breakthrough in Neuro-Semantics since the founding of Meta-States in 1994. So we welcome to this ongoing Adventure as we explore the structure of experience.

Enjoy this intro to the model on Audio CD for only 16.95!

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