Meta Coach 2005 Audio CD Set
Meta Coach 2005 Audio CD Set

Meta Coach 2005 Audio CD Set


31 CD’s complete with 226 page Training Manual. LOWEST PRICE THIS YEAR! Thru May 2008!

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with L Michael Hall, Ph D and Michelle Duval, Master Coach

NLP Video Productions proudly announces

The International Meta-Coaching® Training System

Dr. Hall and Michelle Duval update their previous work, offering a veritable feast of information in this seven day presentation that helps not only to define what Meta Coaching® truly is and is not, but to enable you to actualize the changes you want to make in your life.

Sound too good to be true?

 Take advantage of this Introductory Special Offer to see for yourself the cutting edge models of Neuro-Semantics applied to the dimension of Transformational Change.

This 30 Audio CD Set complete with 226 page Manual will give you all the information you need to begin actualizing your very own transformational changes.

 Watch the artistry in action as Michael, Michelle and others make changes at the higher levels work for those who have found this ‘difference that makes the difference’ that anyone can experience, if they so choose. Clear out the frames that sabotage your best efforts to create the lifestyle you long for! Begin to master the higher levels of mind that will make self-actualization a reality for you… Want  more?

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