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Patterns for Renewing Your Mind International, Inc.

Bobby G. Bodenhamer D. Min. and Mike L. Davis Th.D.


As a man thinketh… so is he!

Meta NLP Practitioner training
This Christian based seminar contains 24 Download Files approximately 1 hour in length.
Patterns for Renewing Your Mind (PRM) Certification is for Christian counselors, pastors, lay leaders and those who minister inner healing or involved in the healing ministry. It is also ideal for those who want to become more effective in their communication skills.
Certification as a Patterns for Renewing Your Mind (PRM) Practitioner consists of 49 hours of training (Approximately 2 optional hours for practicing the patterns, answering questions and the giving of additional materials will be offered during the evenings in most trainings.). Each section of study results from a carefully constructed model designed to build one on the other. Comprehension of each subject moves the student to the next level of expertise. Thus, students must attend each class and participate in the exercises. Training will consist of lectures, demonstrations and exercises. Students will perform numerous exercises for both practice and retention. Patterns for Renewing Your Mind are learned by doing.

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Self-Actualization with L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

I am delighted to have in hand, and to recommend the newest Downloads created by Tom Welch of NLP and Neuro-Semantic Productions. These were created in March 2007 when Tom flew to Portland Oregon to videotape the very first (I mean the very first) workshop of the Self-Actualization model that I had been developing in Neuro-Semantics. Throughout the rest of 2007, I delivered that workshop a dozen times in Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Italy, London, etc.

2007 also saw the publication of the first Self-Actualization book, Unleashed: A Guide to Your Ultimate Self-Actualization. Now the 3-day workshop, while derived from the book is very different from it. The workshop is designed around the three phenomenon of self-actualization.

In the training those three factors are known as “the three acts of the drama of self-actualization”-the Construct, the Crucible, and the Zone. With a day devoted to each, the workshop is designed to enable you first to claim and reclaim and fully own your meaning-making powers in the Construct of your framing mind. After all, you are a framer. As a being without instincts, you are thrown upon your ability to discover and create meaning, which you do in your mind. And as you do, you build frames of meaning, layer upon layer, to construct your personal sense of reality-what things are, what they lead to, and who you are. You are a meaning-maker, but are you an effective one? Do you make rich, great, and exciting meanings for yourself and others? That’s the question.

On Day 1 we invite you to discover the ladders of meaning that you build around things, the quality of your meaning-making, the cognitive distortions within it, and how to become a powerfully positive creator of meaning.

On Day 2 we invite you to use your meaning-making powers to construct a Crucible so that you can take into that special space the meanings that no longer serve you, that limit you, that hold you back and interfere with your full self-actualization. Then into that Crucible you can tap into some very, very powerful change factors so that the old meanings can melt down and be reformed into more enhancing meanings. The Crucible is a place for change-for the transformation of unlearning what no longer empowers you.

On Day 3 we invite you to begin synergizing your highest meanings into your best performances so that you can enter into the Zone of self-actualization. This is the place where you find that whatever you do is meaningful and whatever you consider meaningful, you can do. Self-actualizing people are like that-they live highly meaningful lives. And they can do that with the simplest of things. In Neuro-Semantics we call this place of being “in the zone”-the “genius” state. It’s a state of total engagement wherein you are at your best with all your resources available.

Are you ready for the Ultimate Self-Actualization workshop? Then check the schedule on the various Neuro-Semantic and Self-Actualizing websites for the date of the next training. Or contact Tom Welch and order the DVD set. The Workshops are developing and expanding from the first one as you can expect, but all of the basics are there and you can now see them from the comfort of your own living room.

L. Michael Hall, Ph D

13 Download set

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With L. Michael Hall Ph.D.

Dr. Hall demonstrates in this one day seminar how to rev up your powers of mind and welcome new learnings. If you want to… open new mental pathways, improve your thinking abilities and  take your learning skills to a new level.

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 Introducing the groundbreaking model discovered by Michael in 1994: the Meta States model, recognized as the most significant contribution to the field of NLP in that year. Experience that now as applied to the subject of “personal genius” (or personal mastery). The design of this training has evolved over the years. Through this transformation, we have discovered that most people pick up on and learn the Meta-States model as a model best by learning to apply it to a specific area of interest.

And what could be a better than applying to self? And especially to applying to how we can set the higher frames that enable us to truly be at our best !?! If that sparks a wee bit of curiosity for you… and you want some… Set includes 13 one hour Movies

What are You waiting for?

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  Mastery in the Face of Life’s Everyday Challenges (4 Day Advanced Meta States Training) with L. Michael Hall Ph.D. 

After accessing your personal genius state comes Living Genius.

This training moves you into Generative Neuro-Semantics. Learn the meta-stating process (including Frame Games and Matrix Mastery Skills) to build higher states of mind that allow you to be at your best in life, in yourself, at work, with others, facing challenges, in health, etc. With Living Genius you will discover how to use the meta-stating process of meaning-making to reveal and transform the Matrix of your frames within embedded frames. You will discover how to maintain your genius states and enhance them as you face life in all of its varied challenges to mastery.

 Living Genius empowers you to Live Mastery as your way of being in the world.

  Are you ready for this adventure?

  • Day 1 of Living Genius: Mastery when Life Hurts. You will be introduced to the Matrix Model and given an opportunity to experience four very empowering meta-states: Proactivity, Responsibility To/For, Optimism, and Resilience.

  • Day 2: Mastery in the face of Irritating and Obstructing People. You will add the meta-states that will allow you to effectively cope with difficult people through the meta-states of: Un-Insultability, Magnanimity, Forgiveness, Solution Focus, and Humor.

  • Day 3: Mastery in Wealth Creation in times of Business Set-Backs. What are the meta-states that lead to mastery in business and career? They include: Seeing and Seizing Opportunities, Inside Out Wealth, Living with Passion, Boldness, Pattern, and the Efficiency Pattern.

  • Day 4: Mastery as Loving Life and Finding Your Passion. To not miss “love,” we will meta-state ourselves with Trust, Appreciation / Counting, Openness to Emotion: EQ., and Love: Extending self.

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Mind Lines Download

(1998, 2005): Hall and Bodenhamer – Brand New Fifth Edition

We have found a magical formula box wherein lies all kinds of wonderful and horrible things. Like a magician with his or her magical box from which to pull and put all kinds of wild and crazy things–the magical formula box to which we refer lives inside human minds. The brain produces it, and yet the magic box transcends the brain. And because everybody you meet also has a magical formula box–you will learn some very, very powerful magic.

You will learn magic that will enable you to change realities, to alter the direction of life, to change the past, to restructure emotions, to shift paradigms, to leap logical levels at a single bound, and to jump off tall towers of terror in a single leap to utter mind-lines and see demons vanish and heavens spring into existence,and much more.!

Interested? Then come with me to explore your own neuro-linguistics and neuro-semantics. Become a magician so that you can use your meaning-making powers with grace and power. Mine those mind-lines that will change your mind for good–change it so that you can run your own brain, make the changes you want, and keep the change forever. Learn to become truly elegant and professional in the mind-lines you offer to your associates, loved ones, and friends.

Download includes 8 separate movie files approximately one hour each.

More Information about Mind Lines


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[tabcontent] [tab][/tab] [tab]Wealth Genius 2005 by L .Michael Hall, Ph.D. 

Dr. Hall updates his previous work on wealth creation, offering a veritable feast of information in this presentation that helps not only to define what true wealth really is, but to enable you to actualize it in your life.

Sound too good to be true?  Take advantage of this Introductory Special Offer to see for yourself the cutting edge models of Neuro-Semantics applied to the dimension of wealth building.

This 12 DVD Set will give you all the information you need to begin actualizing your very own Wealth Creation Genius.

See how the higher level frames work for those who have found the Million Dollar Secrets that anyone can possess, if they so choose. Clear out any frames that sabotage your efforts to build the wealthy lifestyle you long for! Begin to master the higher levels of mind that will make wealth creation a cinch for you… Want to learn more?

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