Wealth Genius 2005 Download
Wealth Genius 2005 Download

Wealth Genius 2005 Download

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This set includes 12 Downloads.

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Wealth Genius 2005 by L .Michael Hall, Ph.D. 

Dr. Hall updates his previous work on wealth creation, offering a veritable feast of information in this presentation that helps not only to define what true wealth really is, but to enable you to actualize it in your life.  

Sound too good to be true?  Take advantage of this Introductory Special Offer to see for yourself the cutting edge models of Neuro-Semantics applied to the dimension of wealth building.

This 12 Download Set will give you all the information you need to begin actualizing your very own Wealth Creation Genius.

See how the higher level frames work for those who have found the Million Dollar Secrets that anyone can possess, if they so choose. Clear out any frames that sabotage your efforts to build the wealthy lifestyle you long for! Begin to master the higher levels of mind that will make wealth creation a cinch for you… Want to learn more?


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