Accessing Personal Genius Download
Accessing Personal Genius Download

Accessing Personal Genius Download

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complete APG Set including 13 Downloads…

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¬†Introducing the groundbreaking model discovered by Michael in 1994: the Meta States model, recognized as the most significant contribution to the field of NLP in that year. Experience that now as applied to the subject of ‘personal genius’ (or personal mastery). The design of this training has evolved over the years. Through this transformation, we have discovered that most people pick up on and learn the Meta-States model as a model best by learning to apply it to a specific area of interest.

And what could be a better than applying to self? And especially to applying to how we can set the higher frames that enable us to truly be at our best !?! If that sparks a wee bit of curiosity for you… and you want some… Set includes 13 one hour Downloads

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