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  Mastery in the Face of Life’s Everyday Challenges (4 Day Advanced Meta States Training) with L. Michael Hall Ph.D. 

After accessing your personal genius state comes Living Genius.

This training moves you into Generative Neuro-Semantics. Learn the meta-stating process (including Frame Games and Matrix Mastery Skills) to build higher states of mind that allow you to be at your best in life, in yourself, at work, with others, facing challenges, in health, etc. With Living Genius you will discover how to use the meta-stating process of meaning-making to reveal and transform the Matrix of your frames within embedded frames. You will discover how to maintain your genius states and enhance them as you face life in all of its varied challenges to mastery.

 Living Genius empowers you to Live Mastery as your way of being in the world.

  Are you ready for this adventure? 

  • Day 1 of Living Genius: Mastery when Life Hurts. You will be introduced to the Matrix Model and given an opportunity to experience four very empowering meta-states: Proactivity, Responsibility To/For, Optimism, and Resilience.

  • Day 2: Mastery in the face of Irritating and Obstructing People. You will add the meta-states that will allow you to effectively cope with difficult people through the meta-states of: Un-Insultability, Magnanimity, Forgiveness, Solution Focus, and Humor.

  • Day 3: Mastery in Wealth Creation in times of Business Set-Backs. What are the meta-states that lead to mastery in business and career? They include: Seeing and Seizing Opportunities, Inside Out Wealth, Living with Passion, Boldness, Pattern, and the Efficiency Pattern.

  • Day 4: Mastery as Loving Life and Finding Your Passion. To not miss “love,” we will meta-state ourselves with Trust, Appreciation / Counting, Openness to Emotion: EQ., and Love: Extending self.


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