Mind Lines Audio CD Set
Mind Lines Audio CD Set

Mind Lines Audio CD Set


Set Includes 8 Audio CDs With New 2005 Fifth Edition MIND LINES Book.

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(1998, 2005): Hall & Bodenhamer  Brand New Fifth Edition   

Mind Lines Audio CD Set With NEW 5th Edition MIND LINES BOOK

Hall and Bodenhamer have taken the 17 traditional ‘Sleight of Mouth’ patterns in NLP and totally repackaged them using a logical level system that provides an order and structure that you will find easy to learn and remember. In you will learn to think about directionalizing consciousness (whether yours or someone else’s!) in one of seven directions. With these seven framing structures you will then learn 26 Mind-Line patterns for effectively transforming meaning. You will discover how to identify your magical formula box from which, and by which, you construct your heavens and your hells. You will learn about how everyday you pull things out of your box to your weal or to your woe. What semantic magic did you pull out of it today? What magic will you learn to pull out of it tomorrow? You will discover how you also can put new and more enhancing formulas for new kinds of magic into your box to make your life much more filled with love, joy, faith, hope, and resourcefulness. Alright!

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