Mind Your Change DVD Set
Mind Your Change DVD Set

Mind Your Change DVD Set


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Presented by L. Michael Hall Ph. D.  

Introducing the power of two leading edge Neuro-Semantic Models that have revolutionized the practices of Counselors, Coaches, and Change Agents the world over.

Clear, concise and profoundly simple… Know what to do, when, how and why.


We all live in a Matrix of our own making, one constructed day by day through the signals we send to our brain/nervous system. Our Matrix begins with the signal information given to us by those around who nurtured us. The ideas they gave us became our belief frames, value frames, and understanding frames. And from those ideas, along with the ones we created, we constructed the Matrix world that we live in. There are seven essential matrices of frames that we meta-state into being and that we ‘never leave home without.’ These are Meaning, Self, Power, Time, Other, World, and Intentionality. Yet the first and most important is the Meaning matrix. The Meaning matrix arises from our self-reflexivity that we know as the meta-stating process. It is by this process that we create all of the higher levels of the mind, the layers of thoughts-and-feelings upon thoughts-and-feelings and that creates our meta-levels of frames within frames within frames. We call these beliefs, values and the other terms. These are the ‘logical levels’ or layers of our mind as we engage in the uniquely human function of meta-cognition. This includes the sets of feedback loops and feed forward loops which makes the Matrix non-linear and reflexive. We have also identified within each matrix all of the meta-programs, meta-model distinctions, and NLP/ Neuro-Semantic patterns. As such this gives us a way to use The Matrix Model excels as a diagnostic tool and as a template for high quality information gathering.


Once we have a template and have gathered enough information, The Axes of Change Model serves as a profoundly simple guide for knowing what to do, when, with whom, how, why and much more. Each axis refers to one of four core meta-programs which govern how we think-feel-and-respond when we encounter new information or challenging events. Each axis offers a continuum on which two polar perceptual filters exist which informs how we think about and code the trigger that invites a change. In terms of change, these deal with a person’s motivational energy and direction, response style and readiness to change, and the reference structures that a person uses in creating the map for change and then translating it to the real world. By modeling how change and transformation actually occurs, we have designed these axes of change so that a Coach (or anyone working with transformation processes) can dance with the client and follow his or her energy through that person’s unique Matrix of frames. This enables the Coach to find and use the most effective leverage points in that client’s mind-body (or neuro-semantic matrix system).

Enlightening and engaging, these models are a Must for all who want to take their mind-changing skills to a world class level.

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