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Axes Of Change DVD

Axes Of Change DVD


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Presented By L. Michael Hall, Ph. D.


What is the Axes of Change model? Briefly each axis refers to one of four core meta-programs which govern how we think-feel-and-respond when we encounter new information or challenging events. Each axis offers a continuum on which two polar perceptual filters exist which informs how we think about and code a trigger that invites a change. In terms of change, these deal with a person’s motivational energy and direction, response style and readiness to change, and the reference structures that a person uses in creating the map for change and then translating it to the real world. By modeling how change and transformation actually occurs we have designed these axes of change so that a Coach (or anyone working with transformation processes) can dance with a client and follow his or her energy through that person’s unique Matrix of frames. This enables the Coach to find and use the most effective leverage points in that client’s mind-body (or neuro-semantic matrix system). The Axes of Change not only apply at the individual level, but also for organizations and groups and so provides a dynamically practical tool for Coaches as change-agents. In this presentation, Michael goes into in depth detail about the Axes of Change model’s structure and use.




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