NS Trainers Training Download Training Prep Package Module Four Business Skills

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Got Meta-Business Skills?

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What are Business Skills?


What are the essential skills for a building a training business?
What are the roles one needs to be able to play?
How does working in the business differ from working on the business?
In the Neuro-Semantic approach to training trainers, we begin with the
Platform Skills, move on to Training skills, Through Accessing Personal Genius and wrap it all up with Business Skills that will be necessary to take you from planning to actualizing your plans. The skills of the business of training go beyond public speaking and entertaining, training and teaching. They reach into the higher level frames and meanings that govern flexibility, intelligent risk taking, networking, meta-detailing, competencies of administration, finance and organizational skills, sales, contracting and more. For this the trainer needs skills in administration, collaboration, negotiation, consulting, advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, business management, trouble-shooting, budgeting and financial planning and much much more.

And this is precisely what you will find in Module Four of the 2004 Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training DVDs. Jam packed with practical applications and tips from leadingĀ  Neuro-Semantic Trainers.

Important Note: This Training Prep Package is intended for personal use for preparation and post training reinforcement and it’s purchase does not constitute certification. Certification occurs at a live training with a qualified Neuro-Semantic Trainer.


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