NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package -Module Two- Training Skills
NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package -Module Two- Training Skills

NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package -Module Two- Training Skills


16 DVD Set Comes Complete With 222 page Training Manual Click Image for Details

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Training Skills need a tune up?

What are Training Skills?


What are the essential skills for a trainer? What are the core skills that provide information about a skill and then train that skill into behavior? What distinguishes a trainer from a public speaker?

In the Neuro-Semantic approach to training trainers, we begin with the
Platform Skills. These enable a person to stand up in front of a group,
create rapport, get attention, use voice effectively, elicit states, frame,
use stories and metaphors and effectively handle semantic space. These Platform Skills are critical for anyone engaged in public speaking, yet they are not sufficient for the person who wants to stand up and also provide training in skill competency.

The skills of training go beyond public speaking and entertaining. They
involve the accelerated learning processes whereby adults add new
competencies to their repertoire of skills. For this the trainer needs
skills in design, feedback, installation, demonstrating, handling questions, setting up exercises for experiential learning, opening and closing of loops, unpacking, relevancy challenges, meta-program detection , trouble-shooting, group dynamics, and much much more. And this is precisely what you will find in Module Two of the 2004 Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training DVDs.

Training skills distinguishes a trainer from a presenter or key note speaker because the content is about learning and incorporating a skill. This makes training preeminently about the participant, not the speaker. For this reason, the trainer has to ‘get the ego out of the way’ to be successful. Training is also highly experiential which demands that a trainer be personally and intimately involved.

If you are ready for all this, then  Module Two:  Neuro-Semantic Training Skills is for you. Jam packed with practical applications of the Leading Edge Models of Meta-NLP and Neuro-Semantics,

This 16 DVD Set comes Complete with 177 page Training Manual

Important Note: This Training Prep Package is intended for personal use for preparation and post training reinforcement and it’s purchase does not constitute certification. Certification occurs at a live training with a qualified Neuro-Semantic Trainer.

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