Meta NLP Master Practitioner Video Training Prep Package Download
Meta NLP Master Practitioner Video Training Prep Package Download

Meta NLP Master Practitioner Video Training Prep Package Download

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How do they do that!?! Learn How with Modeling and More… Set of 16 Downloads (approx. 37 Hours ). Direct from tape conversion*

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Direct from tape conversion in NTSC format only*
   L. Michael Hall Ph.D. and Bobby G. Bodenhamer D. Min.  

Mastery’ level of NLP (‘NLP Master Practitioner Certification’) involves many hours of study, practice, and application both in and out of the training experience. Advanced Language Patterns – NLP Master Practitioners by definition master the use of language.


  •  The Meta Level of Ideas – The Meta Level of ideas provides a model for the study of the structure of language from specific to general.

  •  Presuppositions – The higher outside-of-conscious Meta-Frames

  •  Meta-Model review throughout the training

  •  Milton Model detailed study – Hypnotic language patterns

  •  Embedding Commands with Intonation Patterns

  •  Reframing – The transformation of meaning

  •  Inductive and Deductive Language Techniques

  •  The Higher ‘Parts’ (Frames) of the mind that operate outside of consciousness.

  •  Chaining Modal Operators – We will study how to determine a client’s Modal Operator sequence and how to feed that sequence back to them thus matching the neural networks of our client’s Model of the World. This procedure done properly powerfully effects the motivating of our clients towards their desired outcome.

  •  Modeling – Mastery of the use of strategies in order to build models for pieces of excellence. An introduction to modeling, the process of modeling, the factors and components involved, the kinds of states needed for effective modeling, a review of some of the modeling projects that we have completed in Neuro-Semantics.

  •  Meta-States – Mastery of the Levels of Thought model derived from Bateson and Korzybski and developed by Michael Hall, Ph.D. that has ‘taken NLP to the next level.’ You will discover the basic structure of Meta-States, how to distinguish primary, meta, and gestalt states, basic meta-stating processes, using meta-states for generative change, setting resourceful frames, etc.

  •  Meta Time-Lines – Mastery of the Time-Lines Model in NLP, and the advanced developments in Neuro-Semantics in Time-Lining   

Important Note: This Training Prep Package is intended for personal use at home and it’s purchase does not constitute certification. Certification occurs at a live training with a qualified Neuro-Semantic Trainer.

*Direct from tape conversion is a high quality video tape master that has been converted to a Download.


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