NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package
NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package

NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package


The 2004 NeuroSemantic Trainers Training on DVD. Complete with Manual. When you need state of the art, cutting edge technology for training, teaching and getting your message across.

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 This 62 DVD Set introduces you to the Power and Passion of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics Trainers Training 

Get a bird’s eye view of the unique and engaging presentation style of Dr. Michael Hall along with seven International Trainers in this First Ever Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training captured live and now available to the public!

What’s so Unique about The NS Trainers Training Prep Package? No other course offers the depth and caliber of this training, the double certification available with participating in the Training, and the ongoing professional opportunities.

Filmed live from the Gold Coast of Australia in 2004,  you can travel with them to the land down under where you get to observe multiple training styles by top notch international trainers; Proven Leaders in their field. Learn what it takes to become eligible for certification as both a Trainer of Neuro-Semantics and as a Trainer of NLP. Begin to experience the life-changing models now and fully prepare or refresh the skills you will need to take your sphere of influence to a higher level  and much, much more…

The Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training Prep Package is now available to the public and is available for purchase either separately as four Distinct Modules

  • Module One–Platform Skills

  • Module Two–Training Design Skills

  • Module Three–Accessing Personal Genius

  • Module Four–Neuro-Semantic Training Business Skills

 …or in any combination including this complete set at a significant savings.

Who can benefit from this NS Training Prep Package?

  • New Trainers

  • Experienced Trainers

  • NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners

  • Teachers and Educators

  • Individuals committed to personal development

  • CEO’s, entrepreneurs, managers and sales managers

  • Anyone who needs to give presentations or speeches, or who leads teams and inspires others

Take advantage of this International First Public Release to get a sneak preview of some of the most powerful and life-transforming models available today, and see … well, see what you see…(!) 

Could this be what you’ve been looking for…(?)

Jam packed with practical applications, tips and success secrets from leading  Neuro-Semantic Trainers.

This 62 DVD Set comes Complete with 222 page Training Manual

Important Note: This Training Prep Package is intended for personal use for preparation and post training reinforcement and it’s purchase does not constitute certification. Certification occurs at a live training with a qualified  Neuro-Semantic Trainer.

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Dimensions 9 × 11 × 4 in
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